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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Obscure thought of the day...$8 Billion dollar?...........................SHIT!

$8 Billion dollars. That is what is being fought over for the NFL vs NFLPA saga. $8 BILLION DOLLARS!! Well I don't know if any of you are like me but if I could play professional football for a living, I would be good with making the league minimum million every year ($475,000). Here is my rational.:

The average, household income in America is $50,233.00. Let's now multiply that over an adults average "work life". Let's say that most college grads start working when they are 25 (we'll give a few years between graduation and trying to get your band to make it, backpacking Europe, writing a novel, becoming an actor/model, etc...) Once young adults realize that they most likely wont be doing anything special with their lives, they accept it and get a career. So, from 25-65. 40 years.That's what most Americans work..40 years. That means that the average American will make $2,009,320 in their ENTIRE career. So if they invest decently and have a solid 401k and maybe an IRA, at the end of the day they may have around $1,000,000, when they are DONE WORKING.

I hate the excuse of "We have to make as much as we can right now because we won't work anymore after we retire"....well, why the hell not? That's Horse Shit! You should have enough money to PAY for tuition to go to college and ultimately to graduate college, because most of you do not have degrees. My point in all of this is to say you are a player in THE NFL , it is an honor, a privilege but what it is not is a RIGHT. Just because you can spin it 80 yards down field (Jamarcus), rep 435 Bench x5(Harrison), or even have a 50 in vertical jump and jump out of a moving vehicle and end up accidentally killing yourself (Chris Henry), it does not mean you deserve anything from the NFL. Players in the league, please, please understand one simple do not own an NFL football team and until you do it is their way or the highway. It sucks but it is reality. You will ALL still be annual millionaires every year you play. If you play 4 years and have roughly 4 mil at the end, you can reinvest that into some Field you would like to go into, get your degree and start living life outside of football. No matter how good you may feel now, it always comes to an end. I hope this season goes off without a hitch and everyone has a safe a prosperous season but try to go back to the game. When you fell in love with it the same way I did. You just had the talent to make it and I got 6 years in college ala Van Wilder. Players soften up, give in and you WILL be given more. Trust the system and give it time and always remember that even if you are on the practice team, you still make more money than the American family.

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