Thursday, May 26, 2011

AFC South: Draft in review.

The NFL draft has come and gone and lets dissect the major picks, sleepers, head scratchers and out right failures of this draft. First up, the AFC South:

1. Titans.

"Well, shit". That's what I said to myself when I heard Jake Locker being picked by Tennessee. To me one of the biggest reaches in the 1st round of the draft was the selection of QB Jake Locker. What a difference a year makes. Last year The NFL guru's said the Locker would be the first QB taken. He wasn't too far off this year being number 2 taken. I just do not see the value for him here. He did not just play bad this year, he played very bad. You want someone that has consistently played well in college and Locker gave you 1  year of good stats and then turned into a middle of the pack QB. "He has the IT factor" God I hate hearing that from scouts. The only "IT" I see coming from Locker is in the back end of "shIT. "

Jurrell Casey. This kid is as mean as you get. He is an animal off the snap. He has enough size to hold his position but his first step, to me, is as good as anyone in the draft at the DT. He could be an impact player in his first season and I could see him being a 3 down DT at the 3 technique. Solid pick.

2. Texans.
BUST:  What has 4 syllables and knack for giving up big plays? Brandon Harris! "He plays fast" Well, no shit. Every corner in the NFL "plays fast" but the best corners are the ones that can think. Harris gets moved so easily in zone defenses that if he is not maned up on a WR, he is a liability. Maybe I am wrong, but my guess is we'll be watching him "play fast" alot on special teams.

BOOM: What has 3 syllables and can get to a QB faster than Ben  Roethlisberger can come up with an alibi? JJ Watt! This kid is crazy good and he is a MONSTER. With the Texans going to a 3-4 this year, Watt is in the mold of Richard Seymour. If the Mario Williams experiment to OLB works out, it is scary to think of both of those guys coming at opposing QB's. He should start from day1.

3. Colts.
BUST: I actually really liked the Colts draft, however if I have to pick the potential bust it would be Delone Carter, RB Syracuse. Carter is a bruiser and to me the Colts were at their best when they essentially had another WR coming out of the backfield. I get that you want to diversify your backfield and as a Colts fan I hope he works out, but my guess is follows Ron Dayne and ends up ballooning in size to resemble Bill Cosby rather than a chizzled power runner.

BOOM : Anthony Castonzo. Not to mention that when I hear his name I think of George Costanza from Sienfeld, but this Kid is legit. I watched him several times this past season and he is diverse. The Colts need to protect the one asset the Indianapolis as a city has, Peyton Manning. If he he goes down, so do the colts and so does the city! He can slide in at Guard an ultimately start at LT. He is fast, big and best of all, smart. He understands protections and even with the lockout should have no problem adjusting to the NFL. Great pick, should have starting time in his first season.

4. Jaguars.
BUST: Big Cec!! Cecil Shorts. "He is the best Small school WR in the country!" ....that's like saying "I have the biggest 2 inch dick in the world"..It's not something you brag about. I know he was a 4th rounder and by tradition there is statistical improbability of him being very good, but I have read some Jaguar Message boards and it is pretty funny to see the reaching going on there. He may return kicks but I do not see him breaking any records.

BOOM : Blaine Gabbert should have gone number 1 overall. Now, I am talking about if the number 1 overall pick was defiantly going to be a QB, then Gabbert should have gone #1. He will be the franchise QB for the Jags for years to come. The difference between Gabbert and Newton, is Gabbert can actually read a defense, make a decision and make the correct call. He is Big, He is accurate and he is Smart! You can not ask anymore from a QB. Mark my Words..Gabbert will be a top tier QB in 4 years from now and Cam Newton will be a TE in the NFL or a QB in the CFL. Brains over Brawn any day when it comes to QB. He is a starter in year 1.

Coming soon....AFC North...

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