Saturday, April 14, 2012


1' Andrew Luck. The sure bet. The next great one. Enough to get rid of arguably the best QB ever. I hope he does well, however, I see flaws in his game that scare me a little, not a lot but just a little. His mid field reads will not be as simple as the PAC ten was last year. I have said it all along and I am going to stick to. Yes. He is an extremely gifted QB, but is he more a product of hype from the media or is he the real deal? Only time will tell.

2. RGIII no doubt and I have No problems with him what so ever. I believe he is faster, stronger, more accurate and...wait for it...SMARTER than luck is. RGIII has no Ryan Leaf red flags and he is a beautiful player to watch. Redskins may have made the best move in this draft before the first name is read.

3. M Kalil. Best LT in the draft. Not much more to say about that. Bradford upright or David Carr II...easy pick

4. Trent Richardson. Browns could go so many ways but here i am not going to be doing trades so you take a huge need at RB and to a me, it does not get much better than Richardson. he should start from day 1 and will be a huge asset in the west coast offense.

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