Monday, June 6, 2011

Plax is Back!

Paxico Burres got released from prison after serving 20 months. I for one am glad to have him back. When ever a player in his prime has to step aways from the game, it sucks. I do not care what he did. I don't cant what the public thinks of him. All I know is he is a top tier WR and hopefully we see more highlight clips of him other than comments from the peanut gallery about what a terrible citizen he is. He has more than paid his price for a stupid mistake that he obviously regrets.This is similar to what happened to Vick and he turned out just fine. The thought of seeing Vick throwing passes to Burress is not only exciting, but could be down right dangerous with the combo of Jackson/Maclin on the same field.The rumors have already begun, and they are linking Burress with the Eagles and that makes sense in so many ways, but it also gives two guys (Vick and Plax) a chance to put their pasts way behind them and compete for a championship.

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