Friday, June 3, 2011

Post draft analysis: AFC NORTH

1. Cleveland Browns:
BUST:  Phil Taylor.

Two words come to mind: Fat and turd. To me this is a weird pick. He is supposed to replace Shaun Rogers at the 1 technique or Nose Tackle to the lay man, in the 3-4 scheme that Cleveland is running. Here is the problem, Shaun Rogers is better. Period. End of story. Taylor's biggest knock is how he does not finish plays and lacks stamina. and that was one of the beefs with Rogers, so why even take a chance on a guy that is similar to the guy you want out? Yeah he is Massive at 6'3 and 340 pounds, but if he takes plays off, and doesn't try to run down players with much speed you are getting the same Gap filling guy, but with nothing else.If someone in Cleveland can motivate him to live up to potential (Again, I hat this word) he could turn into a decent NT, but I think he also could very well balloon up to 400 pounds and either die of a massive heart attack on the field or retire and join William "the Fridge" Perry and be laying bricks in a couple years.

BOOM! Greg Little.
Before the draft I had Greg Little rated as high as Julio Jones. It is hard to really gauge Little since he did not play last year, but go back and watch him play in 2009. He is a BEAST. He is a huge WR with a ton of athletic ability. He is in the mold of T.O. only he does not have the break away speed that Owens has. However, I can see him playing slot and becoming a hard man to bring down when faced against arm tackles from much weaker CB's. This guy is huge, has hands the size of feet, and he is very smart. Little will be a day 1 starter and look for the combo of Mccoy to Little over the upcoming years.

2. Baltimore Ravens.
BUST.  Jimmy Smith
Let me make this clear. Jimmy Smith was a top 5 corner in this draft, if not higher. He has excellent coverage skills and is extremely physical at the LOS. So why is he a bust? He has PACMAN fever. Pac ran with the wrong crowd and Mo' Money, Mo' problems for Smith. WAY too many reds flags that could leave him completely inefficient due to how much he will be suspended. I give it no longer than 1 year before we start hearing about him getting arrested. I just did not see the benefit of "what if" compared to "what's already happened" But hey, Ozzie Newsome is brilliant and if anyone can turn this kid around, it's Ozzie, along with Big Ray in the middle.

BOOM: Torrey Smith
Speed, speed and more speed. He is a legit vertical threat for the Ravens. He could line up every play and do noting but run the old number 9 route and that would immediately enhance the Ravens passing game. Boldin needs someone to take the heat off him and Mason or TJ are not your man. However with a true vertical threat, this will open up Boldin to do what he does best, which is those tough, intermediate routes that are over the middle, that he loves and does as well as anyone in the NFL. Torrey Smith will have at least 6 catches of at least 40 yards+ in 2011. Book it. He is actually the one piece I felt the Ravens needed to over come the Steelers for the division in 2011.

3. Bengals.
BUST. Dontay Moch. it comes..POTENTIAL!!! Projected to play the SAM in the Bengals 4-3 scheme. Now if you look at his measurable (6'1, 248 and ran a what?!? 4.44 forty.), well that is just crazy to begin with and is a downright oddity at the SAM position. He mostly played with his hand in the dirt on passing downs in college and showed flashes of greatness, but I think the transition from DE to an outside LB is not going to be easy for him. If he does somehow have a light bulb go off and he "gets it" early and grows into the role, well all bets are off because if "potential" (vomit) meets reality he theoretically could be an all-pro, but I am guessing he will be a 3rd down pass rusher at best.

BOOM! This is a duel award. AJ GREEN and ANDY DALTON.
This is a package deal because they got the absolute best WR since Calvin Johnson and, in my opinion Andy Dalton is not the best pure QB in the draft, but he IS the best QB in this draft to run Cincinnati's new West Coast Offense. Dalton was the most accurate passer for short to intermediate routes in the draft and that is what the WCO is built on. Yards after catch, precision routes and extreme accuracy make a WCO a nightmare for defenses. Not to mention if the Bengals re-sign Ced Benson, they will have some players on that team that, although not in year 1, but will eventually lead them to a great foundation on offense for the future. Now I could write 10 pages on AJ GREEN but I will spare you. He is big, extremely smart, huge hands, and knows how to run precise NFL routes. He will be a future Pro Bowler and the sky is the limit for this kid.

4. Pittsburg.

Torrey Smith

Torrey Smith

BUST: Cam Heyward.
I just do not see it. Not even a maybe. Does anyone remember Vernon Gholston? Well, here ya go. Heward is an over achieving player and his bigger impact games were outside of the BIG TEN. He seemed to be trailing and not tackling enough. He has the ability to play several spots for the Steelers D, but I hate when a GM says that. You do not want to be the "jack of all trades" and the "Ace of none". Where is he going to play and who is he going to replace. I know the Steelers are using this as a stock pile pick but I can see him getting abused at the 5 technique and then where do you put him? I just don't think he makes sense to be taken in the first round. Maybe in the end of the 2nd or 3rd but not a 1st rounder in my book.

BOOM: Marcus Gilbert.
This was a great pick for need, for talent and for the steal that he lasted as long as he did. He is Long,6'6. He is big 330 and he is extremely athletic. He will be the future at either LT or RT. The Flozell Adams experiment did not go over so well last year and if BIG BEN want to continue to go to strip clubs and NOT be forced to drink his watermelon martinis out of a straw, he defiantly wants to shore up the bookends for that O-Line. Gilbert gives you a good, young and fresh attitude to the position. I think he may start out at RT (his weaker position) but will be moved to LT by years end.

Up Next...AFC East.

Torrey Smith


  1. Disagree with Steelers, you seem to like the bengals...interesting