Saturday, April 14, 2012


1' Andrew Luck. The sure bet. The next great one. Enough to get rid of arguably the best QB ever. I hope he does well, however, I see flaws in his game that scare me a little, not a lot but just a little. His mid field reads will not be as simple as the PAC ten was last year. I have said it all along and I am going to stick to. Yes. He is an extremely gifted QB, but is he more a product of hype from the media or is he the real deal? Only time will tell.

2. RGIII no doubt and I have No problems with him what so ever. I believe he is faster, stronger, more accurate and...wait for it...SMARTER than luck is. RGIII has no Ryan Leaf red flags and he is a beautiful player to watch. Redskins may have made the best move in this draft before the first name is read.

3. M Kalil. Best LT in the draft. Not much more to say about that. Bradford upright or David Carr II...easy pick

4. Trent Richardson. Browns could go so many ways but here i am not going to be doing trades so you take a huge need at RB and to a me, it does not get much better than Richardson. he should start from day 1 and will be a huge asset in the west coast offense.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why America needs the NFL.

I am the average American NFL fan. I am not in the top 10% of American income, so I have to work for a living. I have felt the impact of the sinking economy in America but no matter how bad things get, I can always escape into the game that I love, football. More specifically, NFL football. Sports has a way of taking you away from your problems, if for only three hours. Every September, all my problems feel much more manageable because I know every Sunday, at 1 pm, I can forget whatever troubles me and immerse myself in football. In my experience I have found that the easiest way to bond with your fellow American man, is to talk sports. Most men follow some sports and there is no bigger sporting institution in America than the NFL. I have watched grown men turn into children when they watch their favorite NFL team play. From irrational screaming and cussing like a sailor when their team fumbles, to jumping up and down  like joyous maniacs when their team hits a 50 yard bomb for a touchdown. It truly is a simplistic and yet powerful joy that it gives to those that love it.
       September 11th, 2001. A day that changed America forever. With so much lost, we turned to America's game to raise the spirits of a Nation. I was in college, at a sports bar with all of my friends when the first games were played after 9/11. They were filled with American flags, American anthems, and American pride and for a few hours, we were all distracted from the horror that we felt just days earlier. It was at that moment, as I watched tears of sadness pour during the National Anthem change to tears of joy as our team won, that I realized how powerful and wonderful the NFL is to it's fans. So here we are ten years later and looking at a possibility that on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 we may also lose the game that has helped so many people get through some very tough times. We need the NFL. When you have a bright light to look forward to at the end of the week, it helps the week move quicker. It helps us fight through hard times because we get to cheer for our heroes. We need the NFL. In a time when unemployment casts a shadow over our country, We need the NFL. The NFL is what it is because of the fans and when the smoke clears and September 11, 2011 comes, I hope the spirit of America is rewarded by the game that is ours because even at our worst moments the NFL can give the fans some relief from their problems and we need it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The DUMBASS of the day!

Today's special honor goes to Titan's WR Kenny Britt. Second arrest in three months. Kenny got busted for weed. What a shock. Two cops try to handcuff him but he resisted. Way to go Kenny! you did it! You are the Dumbass of the day. Congrats go out to Kenny and any other turd that can't prioratize Their NFL career, Millions of dollars and the simple fact that you ARE in the NFL, over the sticky icky!
We, the fans, applaud you, kenny..the dumbass of the day!

Oh,how far we have come as NFL fans.

One of my first memories of NFL football was as a child growing up in Cincinnati. The Bengals just won the freezer bowl against the Chargers and the local media coverage was all about the Bengals. However, and maybe because I was just a kid, I dont remember too many player interviews, and the national exposure was definitely not what it is today. The only feedback we would get on our team would be from other fans. What a difference 3 decades make! In today's world, we as fans, are down right spoiled....and I love it! From what Chad Ochocinco had for breakfast today all the way from every teams message boards, we are in NFL overload. We (I certainly do) take for granted how much information is streamed to us on a minute to minute basis. A perfect example is the CBA. The last work stoppage was the 1987 season. From a Fans stand point any updates we would receive would be the local news or sportscenter. Outside of that we really had no idea of what was going on and when play would resume. Now the NFL has its own TV channel, its own website, blog, twitter, get the point. We can tell you how every meeting between the NFL and NFLPA has gone. What were posatives and negatives that came from each meeting. Even what they had for lunch. Now the AVERAGE NFL fan knows more about the NFL than the most avid fan's of the 70's ,80' and 90's. Is this a good thing for Fan's? Well, yes and no. It is great for die hards that need their NFL fix, but it also can suck you in and the next thing you know, you have been online reading 10 different articles about 10 different topics and 3 hours has passed. I for one am extremely happy that I have so many opinions to read and can then form my own opinion on whatever NFL topic is floating around on any given day. My wife, on the other hand, probably wishes the NFL did not exist at all. So, to all of my fellow die hard NFL fans out there, log on, watch the highlights from a game 5 years ago, follow your team up to the minute and try not to let your head explode from NFL overload.