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Friday, May 27, 2011

The dust has settled..So how do we feel about Michael Vick?

Michael Vick has been back in the NFL for two years now. So what do we think of him? To me it is crystal clear. The man is a hell of a football player. I missed watching him make insane play look easy. Personally, I could care less about his dog fighting days and all of the animal rights people can kiss my ass. Morally is dog fighting wrong? I guess so, but I am a human and not a dog. I think if there was not such a public outcry about animal cruelty then Vick would have paid a fine, been slapped on the wrist and moved on. Let's not throw stones in glass houses. For some people to judge him on this one part of his life, shame on you. When Vick was at his prime(and I am not saying he's past it) He was the fastest person on the field with the Best arm in the NFL and probably the best athlete to boot.Animal rights groups that put animals ahead of humans are INSANE. I am not saying that I would go out and kill a cat for fun (although I'd like to), but come on. Get over it, move on. Mike Vick is one of the best things that has happened to the NFL in the past 20 years. He brings a WOW factor that you just cant put a price tag on. "Michael Vick is a dangerous person", No, Vick made some bad decisions, more than paid the price for them and is back on track to be one of the most exciting players in NFL History. If you want to talk about dangerous, look no further than the Non-sensical organization that is PETA. PETA demanded an apology from Vick as if they are the voice for Animals. Do you really think a dog that sleeps, shits and eats all day is actually offended By Michael Vick? My guess is they are too busy licking their nuts all to day to care. At the end of the day, the dogs are dead, Vick is a star NFL QB and PETA continues to profit on the the Bullshit concept of Animal rights. To me the clear winner is Vick.

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