Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Terrelle Pryor: The highest Supplemental Draft pick in NFL history.

Terrelle Pryor announced today that he will be leaving THE Ohio State University. To go to Delaware? To go to Mount Union? No, in all likely hood to go into the supplemental draft and join the ranks of the NFL. I am torn on whether or not he should or should not. He is not going to transfer to another D-1 school and sit out a year. It is not going to happen so all of you die hard college fans can rest assure that he will never play division 1 college football again. His other option would be to go to a D-II school and play right away, but, why? To rack up nonsense yards against inferior players? Or god forbid he played bad and became a laughing stock. No, Pryor will use his resume, which includes the number 1 recruited player coming out of high school and some stellar years at OSU to try and become the highest player taken in the supplemental NFL draft.. He never reached his total potential at OSU and most likely would have this season had he not completely screwed up his and his coaches careers at OSU. So, the odds are that he will likely enter the supplemental NFL draft and become the highest taken supplemental draft pick ever. Pryor would have been next year's Cam Newton and Cam went Number 1, so if I was a betting man (and I am), I am betting that Pryor may garnish a 2nd or an unheard of 1st round supplemental pick. Pryor may actually be better than Newton is and actually may become a quality starter in the NFL. I just do not know if it will be at QB. He will absolutely be drafted as a QB and since he comes from a much more complex offense than Cam came from (make one read, then run!), he may have a chance to be a productive QB in the NFL. I have seen players go into the Sup Draft that had similar circumstances to Pryor's that have had decent careers, but never a QB. So this is a first for all of us. With no real football news to report, the media is going to have a field day with the Pryor to the NFL story and that fact alone will raise his draft status. When the dust settles Pryor WILL be the highest Supplemental draft QB taken with a 2nd round or maybe the UNHEARD of 1st round pick. I know 1st rounders have gone gefore but Pryor has the chance to be THE highest Supp pick in history. Let the Pryor bonanza begin!!

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