Saturday, May 28, 2011

Player organized workouts: Productive or Waste of time?

From Drew Brees to Jordan Palmer, everyone is trying organize a "player's run workout". So the question remains, is this productive? To me it is not only unproductive but dangerous to boot. I listened to Mark Sanchez talk about his attempts and how he is "installing" his plays.  ..This is nonsense. Sanchez's knock is his intelligence and coaches need to install offenses not players. Off season "player" workouts are not uncommon, even during NON lockout season's. Mostly with QB's an WR's to work on timing, but this concept is the whole team coming together and trying to "workout". To me there is just no way to get organization with this concept. What are you going to accomplish? Not much. But what you may do is get injured. With no certainty about next season, taking unnecessary risks with trying to run a workout is just plain stupid. I will GUARANTEE we will soon read about how some player tore their ACL in one of these workouts. Nothing is going to be accomplished and you are not "installing" anything new because officially coaches can not have contact with players so how is any new going to be "installed". Once the first player gets seriously injured in these workouts, they will all come to an abrupt end. It is just sad that is will have to come to this for players to realize that the risk way out weighs any benefit that will come from it.

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