Thursday, June 9, 2011

As Fan's, How would the loss of games or a season affect our love for the game?

As most of you know, I am a Die Hard NFL fan. College football is a 2nd cousin in terms of my love for the the NFL. I eat it, breathe it and live it everyday and now we as fans are looking at the real possibility of losing games, if not an entire season. So, when I really think about how my love for the game will be affected, I am surprised with my answer because in my heart of hearts I know that when the NFL comes back to full strength, my love will still be right there. My NFL Sunday Ticket will be on. I will watch every game with the same passion as I did before. This is what TRUE NFL fans should be saying as well. I have heard people say "well, I am not going to watch anymore games because of this crap!"...Well, yes you are. The second the first snap is taken, we will all forget about what it took to get there. Football, in my opinion, is the greatest GAME ever invented and watching it be played at the highest level, well, nothing compares to it. From Drew Brees to Jake Long, every Fan base has their heroes. We all have our favorite teams and we will all continue to watch them play. Will I be upset if there is no football in 2011? Absolutely. However it will fade when the brilliance of football is played. God willing, there will not be a loss of games in 2011, but even if there is, the true love will shine on and that love is based around the game of football itself. Negotiations between companies and unions happens every day. We are all just alot closer to the one between the NFL and NFLPA. It sucks, no doubt but it will be settled and then we can all get back to cheering on our teams, sitting on our couches on Sundays, yelling like madmen when our teams screw up and Cheering like little kids when we score. It is true love, It is Blind Faith, It is America's Game, It is the NFL!....and I love it!


  1. It is sad but it is true. The NFL has us in a headlock.

  2. Not me. NFL can kiss my ass.