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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What did we learn today?

Kevin Kolb pretty much knows he is going to be traded this offseason and rightfully so, but he is putting his best foot forward and working out with his current team.

No end in sight for the labor dispute and Goddell is scaring me enough to actually think we may lose some game's this year, if not the whole season.

Chad OchoCinco continues to baffle me with how stupid a human being can be. He is the kid in the class that always has to make fart noises to get noticed. We get it Chad, you like attention, but if you put half of the time into being a better team mate rather than an ass clown your Franchise QB may not be looking for a way to get away from you.

Albert Haynesworth is just a turd of a human being. $100 million for this proven degenerate? I said it the day he signed with the Redskins, "this will blow up in their face and set them back 5 years from being cometative"

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